When in Doubt, Put a Flower Crown on It

Look out Marie Antoinette, because putting random shit in your hair is coming back in a big way. Or at least I hope so.

Marie Antoinette hair

Mediocre movie, beautiful hair.

There are different ways you can do it, between sticking a rosebud behind your ear and pinning it to perfection like Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette–or you can do it up real big like my homegirl Sandra Lee.

sandra lee halloween

Go big and get hammered.

With spring on my mind and a free flower crown at my disposal, I couldn’t help but try sporting it. I didn’t wear it out out on account of being not quite hipster enough to pull it off. Wearing it while I took my dog on a pre-dinner walk around the block, though, convinced me that there’s nothing to stop you from carrying around a poop bag and looking like an ethereal goddess doing it.

flower crown outfit


Paired with high-waisted black jeans, lace-up ankle boots, and an old hunt coat, I think you could call the look “fairy princess business casual.”

flower crown

Whether you’re going to San Francisco or not, nothing says “in the moment” like wearing flowers in your hair.

flower crown

flower crown

Would you, could you, or have you ever tried wearing a flower crown?

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